Saturday, December 27, 2014

Assalamualaikum & salam sejahtera.

I dedicated this to all the people in love (LOVERS) - Hope you people like it!

"I always knew that love would come find me someday
but never did I know that it would be you who was headed my way
you caught me off guard and took me by surprise…"

Some people think love is just talking kind, 
warm and cute words to each other, 
love is just telling “I love you”, 
is just being together and having fun. 
But reality is a bit different and love is hard. 
So what the true love meant to be? 
It's caring of someone you love, 
being with him when he needs your help, 
doing everything to protect and look after him.

To love is to have someone special

one who you can always depend

to be there through the years

sharing laughter and tears

as a partner, a lover, a friend.

To love is to share life together
to build special plans just for two
to work side by side
and then smile with pride
as one by one, dreams all come true.

To love is to make special memories
of moments you love to recall
of all the good things
that sharing life brings
love is the greatest of all.

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