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Assalamualaikum & salam sejahtera.

"7 Types of Men You Should Avoid (Dating)"...ini tajuk entri kita hari ini.
Terbaca tentang ini dan Ana ingin kongsikan bersama korang semua.
Walaupun ada perkataan dating di situ...tapi sila abaikan yea sebab sangat tidak sesuai...hehehe.
Ana harap korang boleh memahaminya walaupun dalam Bahasa Inggeris.
Maaf sebab google translate Ana rosak....hehehe, so....
Apa kata korang belajar sikit bukan susah pun. Semoga bermanfaat...

If you're looking for a marriage partner, don't waste your time with one of these. These are types of men you should avoid so you won't get hurt. However, don't give up looking for good men out there. It might take time to find them! Just don't settle for a man you know better to avoid. Ask your girlfriends if you need help to decipher the difference between bad and good men.

1) Mr. Attention Seeker

He loves to be in the centre of attention, and he cares way too much about his appearance. 
He would look sweet, and tries to get himself into the conversations by telling pointless jokes. 
If he got abs, he will surely flaunt it to other women. Why does he need that attention when he got you?

2) Mr. Bossy

He is not a cheater, and he tells all the sweet and romantic things that you wish to hear. But this Mr. Bossy will always make decision for you. He will tell you what you should look like, what to do, and what to wear. To some extent, he can turn into abusive, and controlling in a relationship. Avoid this type of man at any cost!

3) Mr. Cheap

He has a decent job and earns money, but he never splurge money for you. He invites you to dinner and then asks you to pay for the dinner. He's treating you like you're a burden from the very first date. Consider your options, sweetie.

4) Mr. Arrogant

We love when a man is confident, but being arrogant is a total turn-off! Woman often looks at how a man treats other people to assess his true personality.

5) Mr. Cheater

He's sweet, and romantic. But, he's a cheater. It's pretty hard to change his attitude. Women always take back cheaters for second chances with the hope he will change. You should observe his ways of treating his previous relationships. A cheater will always find excuses and put the blame on his previous ex-girlfriends.

6) Mr. Workaholic

He is a workaholic, and he concentrates on being busy, rather than being productive. The word 'busy' is in his vocabulary. You will never be able to go a date with him, even during weekends. His job makes his social life impossible, and this might make you feel secondary to the job.

7) Mr. Ex-Look-A-Like
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Never pursue a man who reminds you of your ex! Some women tend to repeat the past by comparing their current relationship with the previous. Try to expand your dating options so you will not end up with the same failure over and over again. Men do not like to be compared with your ex, anyway.

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