Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Assalamualaikum & salam sejahtera.

Benarkah kata-kata di bawah ini??
Sebelum boring melanda pagi-pagi ini...apa kata 
 kita cari makna perkataan ordinary & weird ni... jom...


Ordinary person will put their wishes & desires aside for fear that it will lead to changes.. 
and everybody knows that changes require too much of our efforts..

They settle for less than what they deserve...
but they still won't take the steps to change the environment around them & continue to reside in their dull and mediocre habits..

P/S: Ordinary is what you see, what meets your eyes each day.


A word used by many people which is usually meant to be negative. If someone calls you weird, it's usually because you're saying something or acting different than another person would. People don't know how to handle this so than they just respond by saying "You're so weird!!!!"

Everybody has different definitions of being normal or weird. In reality nothing is totally weird or totally normal. Everyone will have their own idea about what's weird and what's normal. If you want to change because you feel that you're weird, you have found the right place. However, just because you are unique doesn't mean you are strange or weird. Don't try to be like the rest of the crowd just because mean people are judging you and don't change to get people to like you. If you have to change to make someone like you, they are not worth your friendship.

Represent yourself and opinions in a socially acceptable form.

Put your beliefs and needs into a way others will listen to, accept, and respect.

Hold onto your beliefs, opinions, and self concept and honor them, even when others don't.

P/S: A unique! person.
It doesn't have to be a bad thing. Weird could mean someone is original and cool.

Credit: wikihow.com

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  1. ordinary is more to playing safe but weird is rare. that's what makes them special. =)

  2. you r absolutely rite Cik Fafa...tQ


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